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  • Mini Digger

  • JCB Hire

  • Snow Clearing 

  • Soil Removal

  • Site Clearance 

  • Ground Works

  • Drainage 

  • Excavator Hire

  • Concrete Breakers 


Removal of waste material 

For any job  within the North East area Peterlee JCB Hire provide services for removing waste material from the work site. Supplying of aggregates is also available for the customer when requested.


Breaker equipment hire

Peterlee JCB Hire offer use of equipment such as the Montabert SC36 Hydraulic Rock Breaker. This breaker uses high quality hydraulics to break the hardest of materials. The tool is extremely flexible to use with the JCB machine and can be replaced quickly on the job without the need for any special tooling. 

Three tools are available with this breaker; Blunt, chisel and pyramidal. These three tools can tackle any material on the job. 

Snow Clearing 24 hour services 

We have 24 hour call out for Snow Clearing and services such as water and gas escapes e.g broken mains supply pipes. Any queries for jobs we are happy to discuss and provide 24 hour support. 

Towing Hitch equipment 

Peterlee JCB Hire on request of the customer can supply a towing hitch for drilling rigs equipment and water tanks. This is also another service that will be available 24 hour for fast response to customer.


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